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KWL announces new music with EDM duo Revision-X.

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Following his experience with Eurovision, a sold-out crowd-funded album and touring the globe with Carnival Cruise Lines, Karl William Lund announces a new collaboration with Scottish EDM duo Revision-X.

In a series of social media posts teasing the upcoming track ‘Northern Lights’, Karl confirmed today a release date of 6th September 2019.

“I was on holiday in Spain recently and I was lying on a beach surrounded by chillout house music and I put it out there to the Universe that I wanted to experiment on working on some dance tracks. A couple of weeks later I responded to a post online that an EDM duo were looking for vocalists and writers to collaborate on tracks with. The three of us connected with each other really well and our first track came together really quickly and organically.”

Revision-X are comprised of Scottish producers Aidan Johnston & William MacKinnon. Johnston had been previously signed to Klubbed Up Records and Future World Records releasing various solo records whilst MacKinnon ran record label Revision Digital signing numerous artists.

“William and I met & formed Revision-X back in 2011” explains Johnston. “We met when William approached me to remix one of his songs titled ‘Top Secret’. I have always loved EDM and I'm personally inspired by the likes of Darren Styles and Gammer. We wanted to work with Karl due to his amazing vocal range, voice, writing skills and experience.”

“Anything with a kick and catchy bassline does it for me” explains MacKinnon, “but I’ve always been into trance tracks which then went to dance such as; ATB, Solar Stone, Sash!, Chicane, Delerium. We were looking for new vocalists to start Revision-X as a commercial name and climb the ladder to being more successful. At this point Karl applied for the position. Myself and Aidan then went onto his profile, listened to his voice and instantly said “he’s the one”.

The first single released by Revision-X, a track called ‘Miracle’ is ironically the same name as Karl’s 2016 Eurovision track, which was his attempt to get to the grand final of the iconic song contest in Stockholm that year after appearing on the BBC’s Eurovision: You Decide. Since his Eurovision experience, Karl has written 3 tracks for Eurovision-alumni Martin Fitch due for release on his upcoming debut album and has collaborated with Vangelis Polydorou from The Voice. Karl then went onto become music manager for Carnival Cruise Lines touring the globe.

‘Northern Lights’ is the first in a string of new tracks that Revision-X and Karl have worked on. On what inspired the track, Johnston explains “I was messing around on my guitar and came up with some chords and guitar parts. I started making the track and eventually decided with William to turn it into a Revision-X track. We scouted for vocalists and came across Karl to sing on the track who also wrote the lyrics and thus Northern Lights was born.”

Karl explains “they sent me over the track without any vocals or lyrics and wanted to see what I came up with. Because I usually work alone, I tend to create the music first and lyrics later so this is a different way of songwriting for me.

Music, to me, is a very visual thing and I saw a lot of greens, blues and black when listening to what Aidan and William had sent over to me. Instantly I thought of the northern lights and based the concept around that. More than anything, it is difficult to gain a strong chemistry and a solid musical marriage when you’re collaborating with others but working with these guys has been effortless. We all seem to be on the same wavelength which makes the creative process really easy. This is a different sound for me and I was looking for something new and exciting. After all, old ways won’t open new doors.” 'Northern Lights' will be available on all major online platforms from Friday 6th September 2019.


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